About Us

About Us

At the end of 2018, after not getting a job, I started reselling sarees and clothes on Facebook. Then suddenly in 2019 I thought, if I deliver pure honey from Sundarbans and some other good food items to people! How that would be!
Since the Sundarbans is very close to my home, I told a limited circle of my friends on Facebook about the idea of selling pure honey from the Sundarbans! I bought 25 kgs of honey after getting a very good response from my friends. And after many efforts, the first courier was brought to the village and parcels were sent one by one.
We get this honey from those people, a large part of whom are preyed upon by tigers while hunting honey.

Today the 25 kgs of honey of that day stands at 10 quintals a year. The reputation of honey, pickles and ghee sent by me has spread to different parts of the country… In any fair or exhibition people flock to my stall in Kolkata.

In 2019, the sale of mango pickles made by my mother started, today there are about 12 kinds of pickles made by my mother in my collection.
With various winter foods, which are available in the village of good quality! Homemade Pure Ghee…

In total, per month more than 1000 parcels are sent to different parts of the country. Several women of the village helped me in my work for fair money.

At present, the number of my buyer friends online and offline exhibition is roughly ten thousands!

I’ll continue to strive to maintain this integrity in future, so that my customers stay happy till the last day…

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